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What is Empower FBA?

Hello there! I'm Eric Snead, the proud owner of Empower FBA. I'm excited to kick off our email series aimed at equipping you with invaluable insights into the world of Amazon selling.

Who we are:

The company was founded in August 2023, we pride ourselves as a simplified Amazon seller solution geared towards helping beginners get started selling on Amazon. This is why have No profit splits, Low entry cost, No inventory minimums, and simplified wholesale purchasing.

What we do:

At Empower FBA, we specialize in supplying our clients with top-tier brand name products for sale on Amazon. Our comprehensive services include brand ungating, expert product listing, seamless FBA processing, and store management. We're here to ensure that our clients have everything they need to thrive in the competitive world of e-commerce.

How we do it:

One of the biggest challenges in Amazon selling is identifying the right products to offer. To thrive on the platform, it's crucial to find items in high demand while maintaining a profitable pricing strategy. At Empower FBA, we streamline this process by pooling our clients' resources to make bulk purchases that meet our suppliers much larger ' minimum order quantities. This collective approach ensures that all our clients can access top-quality inventory at the most competitive prices, empowering them to succeed on Amazon.

Why Wholesale Works:

The Wholesale business model offers a streamlined approach with fewer variables to manage. Leveraging the existing traffic and sales generated by established Amazon listings means beginners can dive in without the pressure of marketing efforts to drive sales. It's a simpler, more direct path to getting started and seeing results

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